Silica Gel SGWS

A beaded form of alumino-silicat gel resistant to liquid water.

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Adsorbent SORBEO SGWS is a beaded form of alumino-silicat gel resistant to liquid water. It is most frequently used as a protective layer in combination with silica gel or other adsorbents such as molecular sieves, activated alumina, activated carbons and catalysts in order to increase the reliability of the system. Due to its high adsorption capacity it can also be used as standalone adsorbent. With its high resistance against hydrothermal ageing and low regeneration temperature, SORBEO SGWS is ideal for applications where adsorbent regeneration with humid gas occurs (e.g. Heat of Compression dryers, … )

Model Package Mass
SGWS – S 5,8 L container 4 kg
SGWS – M 16,6 L container 11,5 kg
SGWS – L 35,4 L container 24 kg
SGWS – XL 220 L barrel 150 kg
SGWS – XXL Big Bag 750 kg


  • Protective buffer in adsorbent beds
  • Drying of compressed air
  • Heat of compression regenerated compressed air dryers

Technical Data:

Appearence Spherical beads
Material SiO² (97%wt) Al²O³ (3%wt)
Grain Size approx. 2-5 mm
Surface Size (BET) 650 m²/g
Bulk Density 700 g/l
Liquid water resistane YES
Equilibrium capacity (water vapor @ 25°C) 10% r.h =4% wt
  80% r.h =42% wt